Our Company at a Glance

Administration: The department is headed directly by Ahmed Adel Al Khoor, who leads the team for a better future for the Foundation

Infrastructure: The organization is keen to store the goods with a well-prepared logistics system to ensure high quality

Purchase of imports: We maintain as much as possible the fresh fruits and vegetables required for the Bahrain market from Europe, Kenya, Egypt, Jordan, China, India, Sri Lanka, etc.

Quality: The company has maintained the best quality and this is what makes us enjoy the trust of customers

Export: Bahrain’s geographical and commercial location has made us move forward to export to Saudi Arabia and also near the distance between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia about 70 Kilo to the Dammam Fruit Market.

Staff: Staff work as a team with high efficiency and vitality of shipping, unloading, selling, buying and quality control.

Experience :The founder’s experience of Ahmed Adel Al-Khor is attributed to the father of founder Adel Al-Khor, the first supporter since its inception, and Ahmed Adel Al-Khor acquired experience from his father.
Since 1963
Al Khoor Trading Company (Family Solidarity) Founders Abdul Jalil Al Khoor and Adel Abdul Jalil Al Khoor
The partnership was dismantled in 1994
1996 Founder and General Manager Adel Abdul Jalil Al Khoor is an individual company, active to this day. Ahmed Adel Al Khoor was appointed Executive Director in 2008
2011 Founder and General Manager Ahmed Adel Al Khoor Foundation Ahmed Adel Al Khoor Foundation Individual,

Mission Statement

We seek as much as possible to meet the market needs of the required fruit and high quality.

Our Vision

Our company is going to prosper in the import and export of fresh fruits and wholesale in the Bahrain market,
We hope to be the leading institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain.